January 18, 2018


We are a contemplative order dedicated to a life of prayer for all people.

Prayer is not just one of our works. It is THE work of our life. Prayer flows into all of our day whether we are at formal or private prayer or we are just doing the commonplace task of washing dishes.

Prayer is at the heart of our Poor Clare Life. The Sisters offer those forms of prayer which are the source and summit of our life: the celebration of the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, and personal prayer. These prayers are for the whole world and are united with everyone in the heart of God.

We unite all our prayer with the hopes and joys, the sorrows and sufferings of the World. We intercede for all people, for their needs and for the peace and healing that we all desire. We believe that when we seek God here in the Monastery we seek God for all people. Prayer changes us and we know it changes other people and events.

This prayer is permeated by an atmosphere of silence which embraces the whole being and is conducive to prayer.

We place all our trust in our good and gracious God


Our Daily Schedule

7:00Morning Prayer
9:00Office of Readings
Adoration or Work
12:00Mid-day Prayer
Midafternoon Prayer
3:00Work or Meetings
4:00Private Prayer Time
5:00Evening Prayer
Night Prayer

Schedule Note: Private prayer is available before Morning Prayer and after Night Prayer.

We believe that when we seek God here in the Monastery we seek God for all.

We adore You, oh Christ, here and in all the Churches through out the world and we praise, You because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

You can find a Daily Scripture reading at www.presentationministries.com for your prayer today.